About Myself

I was born in 1975 and I make computer graphics and games for a living. I've worked as a graphic artist, programmer, web monkey and have even designed the sign of a bar in Japan. I've worked in 3D graphics programming for around 12 or so years at the time of writing and have worked on CAD software (Themekit software), console middleware (AICube software) and games (AICube and The Creative Assembly). Most recently I have been working on Empire: Total war as a graphics and tools programmer.

I have an mPhil in computer science and can speak passable Japanese, having lived there for a number of years.

Although I currently work on modern 3D graphics engines, much of what you'll find on this website is decidedly 'old school', with plenty of pixel art and old DOS graphics engines. This isn't so much because I'm trying to make some sort of retro site but rather that I rarely get the time to update something as vain and pointless as my personal webpage.


This first photo is of a huge box of quorn situated my friend Cavey's house near Halifax. The quorn contained within could probably have fed an army of vegitarians, the thought of which would strike fear into the heart of any McDonalds executive. Indeed, it may have been those very executives who painted out the Quorn logo in recent years. I'm willing to give five of our British pounds to anybody who can paint the logo back on.
This is damned fine picture and I wish I had taken it myself. I can't have done as I'm in the picture . The light was just perfect with the sun setting and that huge great thunder cloud in the background. The guys on the box are friends from my University days.

The box of Quorn

Photos from Japan

Although I was in Japan for three years, I didn't take enough photos. I nearly always forget the camera when I went on holiday so many of the most beautiful places we've visited aren't captured on film. Anyway, most of these photographs are of Tokyo on my bike route from home to work (Ikebukuro to Tennouzu Island for the curious). These were taken when the sakura (cherry blossom) were in full bloom. Very nice.
Other pictures are of the Japanese alps where I went camping in 2000 and a few other random places thrown in.

My friends Aki and Andy Tokyo BigSite, a funky looking exhibition hall The 'hired help' at my company's display The 'hired help' at my company's display A demonstration of my company's PS2 software; I wrote this one!
Edogawa-koen, very nice. The sakura trees on kandagawa river, near Edogawabashi. Sakura trees near my old apartment. A river somewhere up north. Kudanshita; one of the notherly entrances to the imperial palace
The 'Japanese alps' The 'Japanese alps' Your's truely The 'Japanese alps' The 'Japanese alps'
The 'Japanese alps' The 'Japanese alps' Tiny little railyway station with a funny name; 'new island island' and it's nowhere near the sea. On koshyo-kaido in Shinjuku, at night. My friends at my leaving do; sniff, I miss em'
Sunrise on the year 2000 at takaou mountain Sunrise on the year 2000 at takaou mountain It's erm.. some koi Unique fuzzo vision drunken camera at the Shamrock pub in Shinjuku Dai-Mon, a big shrine near Tokyo Tower
Otemon (hand gate); Eastern enterance to the Imperial Palace where Akihito-sama plays tennis all day

The contents of this page were created by myself, including all graphics and code. You are free to learn from my html source, use the images in my art section and freely distribute my freeware software as long as I am credited . Please do not use the actual site graphics as I want this site to retain an individual look and feel. Thanks. If you feel the urge to email me then go right ahead.