The Code Page

On this page are some examples of my code, most of it pretty old. Some of these are so old in fact that they probably won't even run on your machine - you might have luck running the DOS apps in a Virtual Machine running FreeDos or similar. The java apps should work but I'm not promising anything :)

I don't get a lot of time to do smaller programming projects these days, most of my time is taken up with my day job which, at time of writing, is at the Creative Assembly and in my scant spare time, I sometimes work on my 3D modelling program, ClayWorks .

If I ever find myself in the enviable position of being financially independent then I'm sure this list will grow... unless, of course, the missus finds enough D.I.Y. tasks to last the next 20 years.

Fire (z)
Fire3d (z)
View3d (z)
Warptunnel (z)
Bitedit (z)
Fireworks (z)
Christmas java game
Watch this space
These programs are freeware, please distribute them as you like but do not change the contents of the zip files and please credit my word where appropriate. If you feel the urge to email me then go right ahead.