My artwork

These pages contain a large amount of art that I have drawn, painted or modelled over the years. There are currently 7 different galleries, each classified by the medium the pictures were created in, please use the media selector at the top right of the screen to select the gallery you wish to view.
On selecting a gallery, you will be presented with a vertical list of image thumbnails. Please note that to view all the images in some of the larger galleries you will be required to use the scroll bar :)
I hope you enjoy the gallery, if you enjoy it and like it, please rate my site.

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All of the graphics on these pages were created by Tim Lewis and most (unless stated otherwise) are copyright as such. If you want to use them in your page then you MUST credit me. I don't mind you using them but passing them off as your own is rather low. if you feel the urge to email me then go right ahead.