Tim Lewis's Demos and CV


I'm Tim Lewis and I've designed this website to give an overview of the work I've been doing over the past few years.


Programming Work

Design, Art & web work

This is my latest engine demo. The demo is in the form of a viewer program that reads in XML format '.v3d' files. These files make use of the generative modelling techniques that I use in ClayWorks.

The demo features generative modelling, physics, particle systems, custom skinable GUI (also specifiable via the XML file format) and a variety of different materials including per-pixel lighting, Fresnel shading and more.

The Demo requires the latest version of DirectX, the web installer is included in the application's installation directory

n.b. this demo has been tested on a variety of hardware. You may experience some troubles with intel based graphics cards.

ClayWorks is my 3D modelling software. Whilst this build is a little old (all of my recent development has been on the new framework shown in the demo above), I still use ClayWorks for all of my modelling needs.

I plan to reimplement the modeller in the near future using the new framework.

n.b. This software has not been tested on windows Vista. You may experience problems using that system.

This java game makes use of a 3D software rendering engine I created in Java during the summer of 2001.

I've made a few java games using it for various clients.

I strongly advise you to turn the volume down when running the game. My apologies for the midi file, my client insisted on it.

Website developed for the Cariad string quartet.

Website developed for the Leading Note music shop in Swansea.

This website is the 2D portion of the last project I worked on. The engine shown in the demo above has been used to display user galleries in 3D. Apart from coding a new 3D web technology from scratch in the space of a year, I'm also responsible for the design of the site.

I like to flatter myself that I create superior programmer art. This page shows some of my work, both digital and traditional.